Monday, September 21, 2009

About dear deer

Okay. I missed last monday. I have a perfectly valid excuse. My household was suffering excessively from extreme sleepiness for 5 (ish) days. My son had a fever for 2 days, but really we were all battling some form of illness; thankfully our immune systems capitalized on it's ability to make us rest and we did not endure any full blown illnesses.  Yeah God and his Wonders for making the human body so very amazing. Thank you Lord for heeding our prayers and not letting us become sick. Thank you for giving us the ability to relent to our body's need for sleep.

Once we were back to our normal energetic selves, we had to prepare our house for my husband's homecoming. I was able to accomplish so many things that I haven't been able to accomplish yet in putting our home together. I loved the way my DH looked at me when he came into the house. It was such a great look/smile. I think that I will treasure that look for quite sometime. It was really wonderful to have him this weekend. My bed was way more comfortable with him in it which is strange because he is such a bed hog! 

My brother-in-law (sister's husband) and a family friend came with him. The trip was dual purposed to visit us, his darling family, and to bask in the ability to go hunting on opening weekend. My DH dad or my FIL, came too, but he stayed at his mom's house.  The 4 of them decided that it would be a buck's only weekend. Of course, the group of them saw around 30 doe this weekend, but they did see one buck. My DH got it.


My DH's birthday was this month.  Since he was not home for it, I made him this belated birthday cake. So, my DH got 2 bucks this weekend:


This was a fun cake. It was supposed to be a surprise, but my DD went on a walk with daddy before lunch on Saturday. She told him all about it. It reminds me of when I was younger. My dad used to get so much information out of me. LOL. 

I am still loving being here in SC. My DH's aunt and I went to the Aynor Harvest Hoedown. It was a small arts and crafts festival. It was fun, but not too many crafts. I was kinda hoping that someone would be selling some yarny goodness, but no. It was a good walk though. I did buy a $6 ladybug purse. On Sunday afternoon, my husband's aunt (is she my aunt -in- law...I should just call her a friend b/c she is my son calls her iguana (it's endearingly cute. She has a difficult name for little people)...maybe that his how I should refer to her) she organized a welcome to the area/housewarming party. The family all got together at GG's. They really blessed us. 

In addition to gifts, we received sweet cards, gift cards to wal-mart and money too. It was pretty overwhelming. It was also a great time. I thoroughly enjoyed everyone together. Oh, and there was SO MUCH FOOD!! (BTW, I was on an off week for my diet, but when my DH came home he said, without prompting on my part, that I have lost a lot of weight. I think I've only lost about 15 pounds, but it was great of my DH to notice.)

My DH left early this Monday morning. He woke up the kids to say good-bye, but they fell back asleep and are still sleeping. They are going to be so sad when they awake to discover daddy went back to work.

At church, the pastor presented us an interesting thought this Sunday: Think about children. Think about how parents take pictures of their kids every year, and as they grow you can see the child's growth. The photographs document the growth of the children. So, imagine what your yearly spiritual photographs look like. In these 'photographs', can you see your growth in your relationship with God? What does your spiritual growth look like? 

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

EEk. I'm a bad blogger

We've moved into our home in South Carolina. We absolutely love it! Living in SC is so much more peaceful than living in South Florida. Just the change in states has drastically reduced my stress...not to mention my car insurance. It is about $150 cheaper per month!  This is the view from our front yard. Notice the lack of a road in front of the house. We have just a path driveway in the neighborhood. So much safer than the busy street that was in front of our house in Homestead. 


DD was put on the waiting list for preschool. This was kinda good to hear, but also disheartening. It was good because I get to stay with her and her scholastic development is over average to excellent for her age. However, she was pretty excited about starting school (we are just going to have school 3 days a week here at the house for her and my DS) and we had kinda planned on me being able to make a little side money. Don't think I can with 2 kids in tow. Again, that is okay b/c we have to do what we've been doing. Rely on our Provider. 

I started my diet again. I am only a week into it, but I can already feel and notice a difference. I should stop calling it a diet. It is more like my new eating lifestyle! So, I am now actively involved in my new eating lifestyle. :)

I wasn't crafting much because of the moving process. 

However, the kids and I have started making paper. The three of us love this. 


also started using a spool by knifty knitter. It makes a tube/chord. I am going to make a rug (with yarn that I was given that matches the 2 living room chairs).  This is so easy DD can do it. She hasn't mastered how to wrap the yarn yet, but she can hook and pull it over, and SHE LOVES IT!



I continued working on the 2 afghans I am crocheting for Christmas presents. 



I am going to try to blog at least once a week. I shall name my official blogging day as Monday. I vow to blog at least every monday, but I don't guarantee that my blogs will be up on Mondays because I give myself until 11:59 pm on Mondays to complete a blog entry. Phew. Here's to sticking to commitments (besides God, my kids, husband and family): my new eating lifestyle, my christmas present afghans, and my blog.