Monday, October 5, 2009

Princesses and pirates on parade

Chick-fil-a in Myrtle Beach had a princess and pirate dress up day. We went. They got a free meal just for dressing up. We were dressed up by Halloween Express; we are related to the owner of the Halloween Express in Colonial Mall in North Myrtle Beach. 

They each got a voucher for a free game of putt-putt golf after they completed the scavenger hunt. Then, they had a contest. The pirates (about 15) were first. The cows and the manager were the judges. DS really worked his 2 year old pirate aRRRRRggg. He had a cute little cutlass and a darling parrot. HE MADE IT TO THE FINALS!! He and another of the finalists, were dueling the entire contest. DS with his cutlass and the other with his hook. Unfortunately, DS didn't bring home the win. We decided it was because he was only 2, and the judges figured it could better be appreciated by an older kid. The child that DS was dueling with won. However, DS did score 2 free kids meals for 2nd place. 

The princesses (about 30) were up for their competition. DD was shy at first and behind everyone. I told her to say excuse me and get to the front. She did. The manager said for the girls to show their princess faces. I told my DD to smile...and she turned it ON. She wore the cutest most adorable smile and kept it on while the cows walked the line appraising the princesses. It was so special. DD WAS A FINALIST TOO!!! She kept the dazzling smile on AND SHE WON! She received 52 free kids meals vouchers.  What an unbelievable blessing. It was a lot of fun too. Now DD has proof that she is a true princess. 

My hambones


My pirate


my princess

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