Friday, April 15, 2011

I made refried beans....

I had a can of pinto beans sitting in my cabinet. Someone gave it to me. It sat and sat.

Tonight for supper we are having Paula Deen Mexican Chicken, rice and black beans. After the main course, we will be having a small serving of ice cream covered in apple sauce and topped with blueberries and garnished with raspberries and cherries.

I open the cabinet and to my dismay, I have no black beans. No dried black beans in the bag, no cans of black beans. I have dark red kidney beans. I have black eyed peas, but those just won't go with the mexican-ness of the meal....actually the rednexican-ness (I made up the word rednexican. If you decide to use it please give credit to mushroommommy) of the meal....ugh what to do.

Wait, I could use that lonely, could-expire-any-day-now can of Pinto beans. How do you cook a can of pinto beans that is edible? Doesn't the spanish actually mean well-fried not refried? hmmmmmm should I deep fry the drained beans. Sure!!! Why not? It can't make them worse.

While they are draining from that canned goo, let me cook some onions in butter. mmmmmm onions in butter. Okay fry. WEIRD. Jiggle. Jiggle. I love you fry daddy. Work some magic. I fried the pinto beans for 2-5 minutes. I then transferred the beans to the pot of sauteing onions. I stirred then squashed. I seasoned with paprika and black pepper.

Apprehensively, I tasted the experimental refried beans. To my surprise, I like them. Any even bigger surprise, the little people say the beans were incredible/fantastic. Woo HOo!

abandoned can of pinto beans
1/2 small onion
about 2 tsp (or more) black pepper
about 2 tsp (or more) paprika
more than 1/4 but less than 1/2 stick of buttery stuff (smart balance, margarine, butter, etc)

Saute chopped onion in the butter.
Deep fry the DRAINED pinto beans for 2-5 minutes
drain oil from beans
add beans to sauteing onion--turn to medium heat
stir mixture
squash beans continue stirring.
Let sit for at least a minute.
Add pepper and paprika.

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