Thursday, April 23, 2009

I fell off the wagon

OH, I feel terrible today.
So, I wasn't feeling happy yesterday, but I wasn't biting off anyone's head. It was emotional. My boy hurt himself--badly. All I wanted was comfort, but I didn't get it. I have been feeling kinda blah all week. I haven't been able to get much done. I don't want to go into public. I want to have some free time. I feel ........

My DH, calls me ........ He said he likes my crochet.........

When I feel that way.................I have to fight for my life in a way that most folks would not understand. It's an internal struggle that I can't remember not having. I pray that it goes away. I call out to God and He comforts me, but oh if it could just GO.

I have been dieting with much success, but today I fell off the wagon. And have made the conscious decision to keep on eating/drinking whatever I feel like today.

No, food has not made me feel any better, but at least I am cleaning out the fridge.


Big Sigh

I need a break. some kind of break.

I am so upset at me. I have been so good at my diet. I can be good again tomorrow, please God be with me as you have been with me. Change my stinking thinking to kingdom wisdom.

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  1. Hey love! This post touches my heart in a sad way :D. I always make Brian (poor guy) reaffirm that he doesn't just love but that he 'likes' me. He probably thinks I'm nuts for making this distinction but I think YOU get it :D. I hope your Spirit is lifted!
    Love you!