Friday, April 3, 2009

The mechanic

Yesterday, we took the car to get the brakes fixed and the recommended maintenance for 100,000 miles. When I got the car back and was driving it home, I felt like I had a new car again. 

I immediately thought of salvation. 

When we are fresh from heaven little babies, we are NEW and all though we are born into a world of sin--we don't yet know sin. Through life, we get our wear and tear, and we sin. We become broken (hearted) and unpleasant for others to be around. 

However, once we go the Great Mechanic. He makes us like new! We are a new creation in Christ! 

Just my random thoughts about how much God loves us not only to save us, but enough to fix us. 

 I have always been a mechanic's daughter, but now I know I am also THE Mechanic's daughter. 

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