Monday, April 27, 2009

My Home

Dear God, 
When I prayed for a husband, you met my need and answered my prayer. You brought my DH to me. He was every bit the man that I prayed for in accordance with my list. You, Lord, gave me the desires of my heart. 

I come to you with the faith that knows you will do it again--you will give me the desire of my heart. I have a loving DH, a super wonderful DD, and a fabulously fun DS, but we don't have a real home. We have hopped around from house to house. Never completely settled. We haven't known where we will live next. I am weary of this. I want a home. A home that we will put photos on the wall, write on the walls as the children grow, have friends and family over--frequently, make lots of memories in, buy furniture for. Please Lord hear my cry. I want to be homekeeper. I am at a place where I need that stability for me, my marriage, my kids. Lord, I know that you are more than enough.   I want to be able to serve you more, be a better wife and homemaker, and better mother. I have this longing for a home with visions of your peace and comfort and will radiating through it. I believe it is an earthly home--my earthly home, and it has purpose that reaches beyond my little family into your kingdom. Lord, I know that you have this home for me--let me find it. I pray that you touch DH with understanding on this matter. I pray that DH has the same desire. I truly ache for a home (probably really just the stability that a home would bring). There was a time when I just loved moving, but that excitement of the unfamiliar has morphed into an uneasiness and stressful anxiety of the unknown.  I have been stuck in some weird limbo where I just wait on the promises of my DH to come to fruition. Please Bring me and my family to our new home. I pray that it is a happy, blessed, anointed home. Thank you God. I eagerly await what you have in store for my family. 
I love you. I want to be with you more. I want people to see more of you and less of me in me. I want to bless others. I want to make sure that when I meet you face to face that you know me and say to me "well done thy good and faithful servant"
On a separate but related note, this is what I want in a home....

at least 5 acres

I know that DH wants a covered wrap around porch

a user friendly kitchen with lots of counterspace, a working dishwasher, a cooperative oven and stovetop, an easy use/clean fridge, at least one window, plenty of usable storage space, a great microwave

a master bedroom with its own bathroom, nightstands next to the bed with lamps, a large trunk/bench at the foot of the bed, chest of drawers, lots of closet space

a great girlie room

an awesome boy room

a dining room, a living room with beautiful blue couches and big windows decorated our way, a place to sing/play instruments/dance/worship as a family

a cozy space that will work well for arts & crafts and supply storage  and as an office and library

a laundry room (or have the washer and dryer in the garage) with utility sink

some kind of storage (shed or attic)

a place for guests 

at least one GREAT tree