Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm into You

What a glorious day. 

I have some errands to run, cleaning to do, and the sunday school lesson to plan. First, I want to hear from You Lord. Oh, I can't run any errands because DH has my car (I can't wait to see what you have in store for his next truck) 

Just the cleaning, the planning and You.  

(Be back in a sec....reading Matthew 24.)

Wow. Where have I just been. After reading Matthew 24, I immediately thought of how much I have been hearing about, watching videos about and wondering about Tribualtion, Rapture and the return of Jesus Christ. I have never been fond of studying this. I have always thought that it is confusing gloom and doom that has a happy ending and that if I am going to study the Bible I should spend my time studying everything else. 

Lately, the subject is all around me. Including,  my study group who picked a DVD that covers this topic in a way that relates to the 7's fascinating. Besides, I know that anything that is in His Book is His Word and therefore important.  On a side note, isn't it amazing how God can tell you one thing through His word at one time in your life, and then months or years later, you can read the same scripture and it can mean something totally different to you. Further revelation, right?

Back on topic, then I thought "I asked to hear from You, what are you telling me?"

 I re-read the verse in a couple of different translations [thank you    for your unending usefulness]. 

Again, I pondered what am I to get out of this, How should I apply it to my life?  Feeling (what I thought was) lazy and uninspired, I try to google the answer.  Do you know what I found?  Some posting from the Baha`i faith came up in relation to Matthew 24. I have briefly heard of this world religion, but never looked into it much. Learning about  Bahá'u'lláh was interesting--a little scary, but God just told me not to be afraid in His Good Book. Now, that I just received a short yet enlightening and real-life lesson on matt 24....I am back to wondering what else is God trying to tell me. This is what I think it is-- some things that I already knew but needed a refresher on:
-Don't be deceived by false teachings, false prophets [I trust in You alone]
-Know that the events have to happen [I don't want to watch, I am ready to meet you, but I don't want to see people suffer, nations crumble]
-Don't be alarmed or afraid [I give this to You]
-Be prepared to be persecuted and unloved [more?]
-Stand firm on and share the Gospel [i try to share the gospel by the way I live my life, and I know that Your love shines through, but I need to share more of your word]
-The time is unknown and is not known by anyone except for the Father [thank goodness]
-Be Good, Do good even when or especially when no one (but God) is looking/listening/watching [yes, I need to work on my time glorifying you more --in my wifeyness, in my parenting, in my house duties, in my quiet (what is that) time]

Thank you God. I know that I needed to hear these things. Please be with me and help me as I try to work on the things You have showed me. I love you. 

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