Sunday, June 27, 2010

Children's Sermon "What it means to be a Christian?"

Good Morning. How is everyone feeling? Are their any prayer requests? Let's Pray.

Can anyone tell me what we were supposed to do when we left church last sunday?

Sing "I am a C"

What it means to be a christian?

Can anyone tell me what it means to be a christian? (wait for answers). 

Let's look at what the Bible says...THe Bible uses the term Christian 3 times(Acts 11:26, Acts 26:28 and 1 Peter 4:16) and it comes from the the greek 'Christianos' which means Follower of Christ. Hmm, so according to the definitions in the dictionary about "follow" being a Christian is about being somebody who comes behind, supports, imitates, obeys and even takes over for --meaning carry on the ministry of Jesus. It is a an awesome responsibility and the universe's greatest gift, but where does your journey as a Follower of Christ start? Let's see what Jesus said..... in (1)  John 3:3 that we have to be "Born Again" or accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior believing with all your heart (make playdoh heart) that Jesus died on a cross for your sins (make playdoh cross)  . God's word tells us in (2) 2 corinthians 5:17 that when we are born again we become a new creature. How can he make us new all over? 

First Quote "God know our heart..."

Let me show you with this play-doh. What color is this heart? okay red. We are going to use this red heart to represent us or our spirit...each of us is born with a spirit. It's what makes us a living person with life, feelings and emotions. What color is this cross? Okay Blue. We are going to let the cross represent God's spirit.

second quote "God sent his son..."

third quote "now look what happens..."

 (quotes have been taken from

Any questions? If anyone wants to talk about being born again and starting on their journey of being a christian, after we pray come and talk to me or _____ and we would love to talk and pray with you.

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